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Is me. Is my dog. Yes.

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Here's the pattern I created for a dice bag for a friend. To post this pattern elsewhere, credit SheWolfDanielle and link either to this journal entry or my DeviantArt page in general ( www.shewolfdanielle.deviantart… )I've left it written in the original html for easy reposting (here's how it looks with the html tags working:… ).

[SIZE="5"][B]Rectangles Dice Bag Pattern[/B][/SIZE]

[B]Materials:[/B] Worsted weight yarn and a set of US #7 DPNs (double pointed needles). I recommend having a set of 5 for this, as it’s in 4 sections and it makes it easy, but you CAN use three. It’ll just mean more counting.

[B]Notes:[/B] Where the pattern instructs (YO, K2tog), when you finish the 3 purled stitches before these, instead of switching your yarn to the back to knit the next two stitches together, simply go ahead and do the k2tog without switching the yarn to back (this creates both the yo and the k2tog).

Anywhere asterisks appear, repeat the instructions between them to the end of the round.

[B]CO 72 sts[/B] (any method: I used a long tail cast on). Divide the stitches evenly across your DPNs. Join the ends, being careful not to twist the stitches around the needles.

Rows 1-5: *K3, P3*.
Row 6 (eyelet row): *K3, P3, (YO, K2tog), K1, P3.* (72 sts will still be on the needle when finished)
Row 7 (including the last eyelet): YO, P2tog, P1, K3, *P3, K3* (Again, there should still be 72 sts)
Rows 8-12: *P3, K3*
Rows: 13-18: *K3, P3*
Rows 19-24: *P3, K3*
Rows 25-30: *K3, P3*
Rows 31-36: *P3, K3*
Rows 37-42: *K3, P3*

[B]Bottom (decrease rows) when using a set of 5 DPNs with 18 sts on each of 4 needles[/B] [I](otherwise, continue to the alternative pattern, which you can also do if this seems confusing):[/I]
All rows: On each DP, K2tog, K to last 2 sts, K2tog.

[B]Bottom (decrease rows) alternative pattern for set of 4 DPNs:[/B]
Row1: *K2tog, K14, K2tog* (64 sts at end of round)
Row 2: *K2tog, K12, K2tog* (56 sts at end of round)
Row 3: *K2tog, K10, K2tog* (48 sts at end of round)
Row 4: *K2tog, K8, K2tog* (40 sts at end of round)
Row 5: *K2tog, K6, K2tog* (32 sts at end of round)
Row 6: *K2tog, K4, K2tog* (24 sts at end of round)
Row 7: *K2tog, K2, K2tog* (16 sts at end of round)
Row 8: *K2tog, K2tog* (8 sts at end of round)
Row 9: *K2tog* (4 sts at end of round)

Break off a few inches of yarn, and pull it through the remaining four stitches and pull tight. Tie it off and weave the end in to hide it.
Use a ribbon, a braid of the same yarn used for the bag, or whatever else you’d like for the tie. Weave it in and out through the eyelets .
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: NPR

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